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The History of the Orange County Arboretum 

1965  Orange County Legislators named the Thomas Bull Memorial Park after the descendants of Thomas Bull who
          donated 189 acres of land.

1990  Planners and landscape architects drafted the Arboretum Master Plan.

1993  Orange County Legislature approved the request to construct the Arboretum.

1994  $20,000 matching grant was secured by Commissioner Skea to purchase trees for the gardens.

1997  The Education Building was erected thanks to the generosity of Ruth and Jim Ottaway (or 1999??)

1998  The Friends of the Orange County Arboretum, Inc was incorporated as a non for profit agency.

2002  The Raised Beds were constructed with funds donated by several businesses, organizations and individuals. 

          The 9/ll Memorial Garden was created thanks to the generosity of Jim Taylor and his family. 

2004  The Kosuga Greenhouse and classroom were completed.  Or 2006??(2006 Dedication Ceremony)

          The Rill was of a donation from John and Connie Vzuidenberg.  (or 2005?)  (Dedication Ceremony 2006)

          The bronze statue of the Woodland god Pan at the end of the water feature was a gift from the Ottaway family.

2011  The Dr. William & Arlene Lustig Water Feature.

          The John and Nellie Mazur Perennial Garden. 

2011  Asian Maple Garden  

          Alpine Garden 

          Woodland Garden

          Children’s Garden

          The Al Duland Memorial Pond

          The Ceremony Garden

          The Veteran's Garden

          The Remembrance Walkway and Garden

          The Apiary 


9/11 Memorial Garden
9_11 Memorial
Pan Fountain
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